Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Bee Garner: Editor & Founder

Hi there! I’m Bianca Garner AKA Bee, and you probably have heard all about me already. I shall keep this bio rather short as the rest of the team are far more interesting! I graduated in BA (Hons) Film & Television Studies and have found my way into film criticism. Over the years, I have written for various outlets and have enjoyed my time writing for some really wonderful sites over the years. I decided to set up In Their Own League as I am really passionate about showcasing female talent and other under represented people working in the film industry. Setting up my own site has been a dream of mine for a long time, so it’s amazing to see it taking shape! My personal favourite films included Mary Harron’s “American Psycho”, Karyn Kusama’s “The Invitation” and Amy Heckerling’s “Clueless.” 


Rosa: Deputy Editor

Hello everyone! I’m Rosa and I’m known on social media as Rosa’s Reviews. I write short brief (bite size) reviews about newly released films; however, I’m slowly watching more (older) films (for the first time) and writing reviews for those too. I’m currently working on my Film and Media Studies degree, and I ultimately would like to become a credible film critic. I advocate for diversity in the film industry for instance behind the camera, in front of the camera, in the movie theater and obviously in film criticism, just to name a few. I’m passionate about showcasing individuals (and their work), who are constantly ignored due to their gender, and/or ethnic background.

Having this grand opportunity to write about women in the film industry is a dream come true. Not only to showcase the talented women, who have been ignored for years, but also to show my daughters that their gender shouldn’t determine what they can or can’t accomplish. What am I doing when I’m not watching films, and reviewing them? Besides being a mother to four beautiful daughters, and working on my degree…..well, yours truly is an Electron Miscroscopist. A what? I’m a specialized laboratory technician. I’m a big science nerd and I love medicine! I know film industry and lab technician are at the two different ends of the spectrum, but that’s what I love! 

I’m hoping I can do my part in bringing well-deserved attention to the women who were the pioneers of the industry and paved the way to the women of today. I couldn’t be more excited for this journey and I genuinely hope that together we can make a difference.



Georgia is studying Film, Television and Digital Production at Royal Holloway, University of London. When not drowning in essays she explores the experimental side of cinema whilst also enjoying some classic romantic comedies and tear jerking dramas. Her favourite films include “10 Things I Hate About You”, “The Hours” and “Lion”.



By day, Stephen Vega is a New Zealand public health worker who has published in journals. At night, Stephen dons a black cape and cowl and writes articles for his own website  Stephen’s interest is the history of film and making those connections that show how film culture evolves and becomes part of the familiar in the movies we know and love today.

Steve and Frankie


CLAIRE L. SMITH is an Australian author, poet and filmmaker. Centered in genres such as gothic horror and dark fantasy, her work has been featured in Moonchild Magazine, Dark Marrow, Peculiars Magazine, The Horror Tree and more. She is also a film critic with Morbidly Beautiful and In Their League, as well as a poetry/fiction editor with Peculiars Magazine. Her gothic-horror novella HELENA will be debuting with Clash Books in October 2020.

IMG_0318 copy


Joan Amenn is a New Yorker born and raised now living somewhat incongruously in the PNW. Her past lives have included being a small town journalist, a culinary instructor and a legal researcher. She has a dual BA in psychology and communications from Fordham University. In addition to being a lover of film, Joan enjoys cooking, gardening, refinishing furniture and spoiling her furry family members rotten


Nicole Ackman is a writer based in North Carolina, after living in London and New York. A graduate of Elon University and City University of London, she is a Content Developer for Relative Scale. She also writes for BroadwayWorld Raleigh, Next Best Picture, and her own blog, Flower Crowns and Revolutionaries. Her taste in film tends towards period dramas, movie musicals, and anything starring Saoirse Ronan. In addition to film, she loves history, theatre, Disney parks, and classic novels by female writers.



Connor Stambaugh is a manager in the finance industry whose free time is made up almost entirely of all things film. Born in NJ but currently residing in Baltimore, Connor enjoys spending time out with his friends, devouring chicken parm, and playing with his two kittens. Some of his favorite movies include “Zodiac”, “The Princess Bride”, “American Psycho”, “Young Frankenstein”, and “Lady Bird”. Follow him on Twitter @StamWOW



Jenni is a master’s student in Media and Cinema Studies at DePaul University. They are passionate about LGBTQ+ representation in movies with an emphasis on genre film. Their favorite films include “Raw”, “Creature From the Black Lagoon” and “Can You Ever Forgive Me”.


Stephen Palmer

Stephen has been writing and talking about asian cinema for nearly 15 years, at both his own blog and for, for whom he has also interviewed a range of asian cinematic talent. In the last couple of years he has (and continues to be) the co-host of the Asian Cinema Film Club Podcast, and has branch out more recently with a solo podcast of his own the Gweiloramblings World Tour in which he attempts to introduce listeners to international cinema outside of Hollywood.

Stephens goal is twofold. Firstly he wants to teach people about the international nature of film, that there is more than the latest blockbuster at the local cineplex. Secondly, he wants people to look at films and film-makers as existing in social, cultural and historical context.

Outside of cinema, Stephen is simply settling into middle age, realising if he doesn’t have the talent of Orson Welles, he might as well end up with a similar waist measurement. He also collects 8-bit computers from the 1980s because he clearly is overcompensating his geek credentials.


Kristy Strouse

My name is Kristy Strouse. I’m from Maine, USA. I’m Operations Manager and staff writer for I love film, and there are so many incredible females involved that have put out amazing work that I feel could use the extra attention. Movies have been a constant for me my whole life and as a female critic, I feel as if this work is in my bones.


Dominic Corr

Dominic is a recent Film & Media graduate who gravitated towards the dark arts of journalism & critiques. For eight years he has been a freelance writer who has reviewed countless productions, films and events over multiple publications, including his own: Corr Blimey. Originally from St. Andrews, he is at his happiest when surrounded by books, curtain up or the trailers start, gin is citrusy or anything relating to fairy tales is on the table. Shortlisted for the Allen Wright award 2018. Reviewer, writer and ‘professional’ cynic.

Follow him at @Dominic_Corr91 & @Corr_Blimey_


Kate Boyle

Kate is a Detroit native, currently living in the Shenandoah Valley area of Virginia. She’s been a fan of film since she was a child and enjoys movies from all genres and eras. Kate began writing reviews in 2018 for, has contributed to a number of online publications, and is an active member of her local film community. In her spare time Kate enjoys baking and hanging out with her dog Dexter. Favorite movies include: “The Commitments” (1991), “Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse” (2018), and “The Rock” (1996).


Caz Armstrong

Caz has recently rekindled a passion for film and takes night classes to learn about different aspects of filmmaking and theory. She is making up for lost time by trying to watch as many films as she can from a variety of countries, eras and genres. Caz lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland and is the chair of a local women’s photography collective. You can find her at @SheSpoiledIt on Twitter and Letterboxed is


Liz Singh

Liz Singh is an independent filmmaker based in Montreal, Quebec. “The Lower Plateau” is her second feature film as a producer (after Farah Goes Bang, 2013) and her first as a writer and director. She also produced short films, “A Better Place than This” (2012) and “Losing Gracie” (2011) .


Dom Hastings

Dominic is a two-time graduate of The University of Salford, having been awarded BA (Hons) Film Studies in 2017 and MA Media Production: TV Drama Production in 2019. As a specialist in action cinema, the subjects of the 1980s golden age, spectacle and female representation are among Dominic’s favourites – the latter being the basis for his MA dissertation.


Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander is an aspiring writer with a BS in Government and minors in Psychology and Philosophy. While she’s been more traditionally educated in the past few years, she has a long history in the creative arts, having spent her youth in a theater arts school and as a member of an improv troupe. She now lives in the middle of nowhere, Texas with her fianceé and their three cats: Neil Catrick Harris, Pablo Hisscobar, and Jodie Pawster. Follow her at @catsploitation


Simon Whitlock

Simon’s love of cinema manifested in his childhood as an urge to jump across his parents’ furniture, pretending he was Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi. More than 20 years later, he’s eased up on the poor three piece suite, and now demonstrates his affection for all things celluloid (and digital) by writing about films new and old.


Daniel Richeson

Daniel is a film loving movie goer. While he retains his love to see interesting and introspective films, he also lines up for the big blockbuster event movies as well. Daniel is a writer on a few sites around the movie and television industry and also dabbles in sports journalism. His favorite movies include “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, “Phantom Thread”, “Blade Runner 2049” among a few others.


Harris Dang

Harris Dang is an Australian film critic who has written about film for four years; writing for many outlets spanning from commercial to international cinema with a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face. Don’t ever say the words ‘film’, ‘movie’, ‘cinema’ or any similar derivatives to him or he will never shut up. Likes all varieties of films but loves trash cinema, both sincerely and ironically.


Tom Moore

Tom Moore is a New Jersey native who spends his time running, gaming, and seeing damn near everything that comes to the big screen. With a love for all things horror and comic book related, you can expect to see him cover the impacts women are making. Along with In Their Own League, he also writes forThe Pop Break, Wrap Party, and his own blog – Mooreviews. Follow him on Twitter @_Mooreviews.


James Cain

Juli Horsford

Juli has a Masters degree in Moving Image Studies from Georgia State University and currently resides in Atlanta. If she’s not at the movies or writing for her website Becoming Well Viewed, she’s probably at the nearest taco place. Her favorite films include “La Vie en Rose,” “First Wives Club,” and “Meet Me in St. Louis.” You can follow her on Twitter @bewellviewed. 

Juli Horsford

Mique Watson

Mique is a graduate of Media and Entertainment Management from the University of Asia and the Pacific. He has professional experience in journalism, was an official delegate to SPIKES 2017 (to represent the university), and was the executive editor of this college’s film organisation. You can normally catch him in the cinema enjoying the biggest release of the week, and simultaneously expressing despair at how little support terrific indie films usually get. He’s also quite the book worm. His favorite genres are horror, sci-fi, and drama. When asked what his favorite film is, he replies “hey, making me do that is like asking me to choose whom amongst my kid I love the most! Just kidding; it’s SHOWGIRLS.”


Peggy at the Movies

 Just a Dutch girl from Los Angeles who loves tacos/beach/movies/books.  Writer/reviewer of current films – Staff Writer: @ventsmagazine @theirownleague Member: #FilmIndependent & @theOAFFC #SpiritAwards voter

Valerie Kalfrin

Valerie Kalfrin is a multiple award-winning crime journalist turned Rotten Tomatoes-approved film critic, essayist, and emerging screenwriter and script consultant. A New Jersey native living in Florida, she’s written for, The Hollywood Reporter, The Guardian, Script magazine, Bright Wall/Dark Room and Film Racket. She’s passionate about sci-fi (Ellen Ripley of “Alien” and “Aliens” is one of her favorite film heroes), thrillers, and challenging stereotypes about gender and disability. Let’s tell better stories and tell stories better. Find her on Twitter @valeriekalfrin.


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