Short Film Review: Unholy ‘Mole (Satanic Spread)


“Unholy ‘Mole” is a dementedly creepy and thoroughly hilarious body-horror gross-out comedy, which plays like a parody of toxic masculinity. It is quite the treat.  Directed by David Bornstein; this is a short film is about a selfish man who sells his unborn son’s soul to Satan and in exchange for having his pregnant wife make guacamole for him; and oh boy does she.

It begins with ominous music playing over a bowl of chips–“she used to make guacamole for me…but she stopped giving it to me… ever since he (the unborn son) came to be, now she’s too tired to make guacamole.” the husband (R.D. Mower) laments as he leers at his pregnant wife (Rachel Leigh Moore) behind a bowl of dry, uneaten chips.

In the midst of his self-centered brooding, Satan (Ray Wise) materializes and listens in as the husband recalls his plight. What occurs immediately after is quite the vomitous spectacle; reminiscent of Sam Raimi’s “Drag Me To Hell”. I shan’t reveal the full details of the short, so as not to ruin the surprise; but, trust me, you probably won’t be wanting a side of guacamole with anything soon after.

This comes off as an allegory for first world problems; and how they’re seen as so big and ‘unfair’ despite actually being utterly miniscule. The same can also be said in how these first world problems manifest themselves in the husband’s showcase of toxic masculinity: greed, lack of empathy, impatience, in this case, for his own wife. The solipsistic cynicism the husband puts on display here is definitely ripe for lampooning. It’s delightful to see that his comeuppance comes not in the form of someone exacting their revenge on him, but in how the manifestation of his actions ultimately prices to be his subsequent undoing.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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