The “Schitt’s Creek” Legacy

By Morgan Roberts

Long-running shows leave their marks on television.  “Schitt’s Creek” has been no exception. With its conclusion, here is a quick look at its legacy.

“Schitt’s Creek” gave us a tiny town with a host of characters.  This little oasis in the world far away from the “phobias” of the world.  The town of Schitt’s Creek is inclusive to the LGBTQ community. When David Rose (Daniel Levy) came out as pansexual, his parents Johnny and Moira (Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara) were very accepting.  The town was also unbothered by his sexual orientation.  Later, when David meets future fiance Patrick (Noah Reid), Patrick has to have his own coming out.  When he does eventually come out to his parents, they are relieved Patrick came out to them and that he had found love.  It is rare where sexuality and sexual orientation while being a characteristic of a person is not tumultuous plotline. Instead, in this tiny Canadian town, it is acknowledged and celebrated.

schitts final

“Lastly, the show really showed the power of love.  People learn to love each other. To love themselves.  Love is the ultimate goal and the ultimate lesson.”

The show also highlights the idea of redemption and reinvention.  Local motel owner Stevie Budd (Emily Hampshire) went from a self-proclaimed outcast to an integral part of the community and Rose family.  There is no greater moment than watching Stevie sing “Maybe This Time” in Schitt’s Creek’s production of “Cabaret.”  Like Stevie, Alexis Rose (Annie Murphy) has grown from start to finish.  The former reality television show star and globe-trotter, went from a self-centered, immature young woman to a trailblazing, determined grown-up.  And was especially poignant was to see our dear Alexis move from a vapid dater to a committed partner. She started off as looking for flings and found herself in a long-term relationship.  A relationship where she learned to care about another person well outside of herself.

schitts creek
Catherine O’Hara, Eugene Levy, Annie Murphy, and Dan Levy in Schitt’s Creek (2015)

Lastly, the show really showed the power of love.  People learn to love each other. To love themselves.  Love is the ultimate goal and the ultimate lesson. Johnny learned how to love his family, one he had spent so much time away from.  Moira learned to love her surroundings. She never carried for much outside of her wall of wigs, but now she has friends and families and the Jazzigals.  David learned to love another person. David and Patrick are end goals always. They learn to love not in spite but because. And Alexis really learned to love herself.  She found her inner strength and worth. She found herself better for her experiences.

Six seasons is truly monumental.  And it is sad to see this cast of characters go.  But I, for one, am grateful to have a safe place to be.  Best wishes, warmest regards.


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