Animated April: Spotlight on Princess Anna from “Frozen”

When Disney’s “Frozen” came out in 2013, it truly seemed like a cultural reset. Disney parks were flooded with little girls in Elsa dresses and you couldn’t escape hearing Idina Menzel singing “Let It Go” even if you wanted to. While Brenda Chapman had directed “Brave” the year before, “Frozen” marked the first time that a Walt Disney Animation Studios film was directed by a woman. Jennifer Lee also wrote the script, along with co-directing, and it seems fitting that a film so focused on the love between two sisters would be the first at the studio to have a female director.

However, while the character of Elsa got all the glory, her younger sister Princess Anna has been majorly overlooked. Voiced by the talented and sunshine-y Kristen Bell, Anna has a character arc just as touching as Elsa’s throughout “Frozen” and its sequel “Frozen II” (2019).  Continue reading Animated April: Spotlight on Princess Anna from “Frozen”

Review: The Sound of the Wind

At the age of just 26 years old Jared Douglas has already proven that he is well-versed in the language of film. I believe that “The Sound of the Wind” is a passion project for Douglas, and it is very clear that he has done a great deal of research into mental illness and is committed to portraying it in a realistic depiction. I honestly wish that all those involved in “The Sound of the Wind ” go on to pursue long, rewarding careers in filmmaking because they deserve to. Continue reading Review: The Sound of the Wind