Review: Sisters Apart (Im Feuer)

“Sisters Apart” (Im Feuer) is a compelling film from Greek director and writer Daphne Charizani and is by far one of the most emotionally touching films that you will come across this year. I had the pleasure of watching it at this year’s Berlin Film Festival, stumbling into a screening as part of a happy accident. Despite being one of the best films I watched at the festival, it seems that not enough people are discussing it and it hasn’t been receiving the attention that it rightfully deserves. The film follows the story of two sisters torn apart by war, and the desperate struggle of one of the sisters’ attempts to reunite their family. It’s not often that we see the stories of women fighting on the frontlines being portrayed on the big-screen, so Charizani’s decision to centre the story around these two sisters whose lives both involve fighting for freedom is something rare and unique.  Continue reading Review: Sisters Apart (Im Feuer)