Review: Proximity

What if you were abducted by aliens and no one believed you?  But then, in your attempt for redemption and for others to believe, you find that you may not be alone after all.  That is the premise for the indie sci-fi thriller “Proximity” (2020).

Isaac (Ryan Mason), a NASA scientist, is working on two projects: one for tracking signals of satellites and the other is himself.  Encouraged by his therapist, Isaac starts keeping a video diary.  One day, while out merely filming in nature, Isaac sees a commotion and follows it.  The commotion turns out to be extraterrestrials. Continue reading Review: Proximity

Review: The Boy Who Sold the World

It doesn’t matter what idea you come up with, just so long as you can sell it. The thirsty fangs of capitalism seek to draw talent from any source, but if you want to plant your feet in its home territory, then America is the place to be. Ben Pasternak, “The Boy Who Sold The World” (2020), an undeniable person of brilliance, with a knack for technology, digital applications, but at the heart of it – marketing, seeks the opportunity of a lifetime. Moving to the states, with investors & financiers snapping at his heels for a chance to support him can Pasternak follow in the footsteps of high-school dropouts, who rise the ladder quickly, or are the stresses of money, success and being away from home too heavy a burden? Oh, did we mention he was fifteen during this?   Continue reading Review: The Boy Who Sold the World