Review: Spinster


Year: 2020

Runtime: 87 minutes

Director: Andrea Dorfman
Writer: Jennifer Deyell
Stars: Chelsea Peretti, Susan Kent, Charlie Boyle

By Jenni Holtz

In “Spinster” (2020), Chelsea Peretti takes the leading role in a not-so-romantic comedy for the first time. Known for her role as Gina Linetti on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and her stand-up special “One of the Greats”, Peretti’s comedic delivery and deadpan tone are her trademarks. She shows an emotional depth paired with her classic comedic performance in “Spinster,” carrying the charming film from start to finish. 


“Spinster” centers the story of Gaby (Chelsea Peretti) throughout her 40th trip around the sun. At 39, Gaby is afraid she’s going to spend the rest of her life alone. On her birthday, her boyfriend breaks up with her, causing her to rethink what she wants and needs. Over the one-year period of the film, Gaby re-settles in her apartment that she previously shared with her ex, gets a dog like she’s always wanted to, and opens up a restaurant with money from her dad that was originally intended for her wedding.

“Spinster” is an unconventional entry into the rom-com genre that provides a welcome departure from the heavy focus on romantic relationships as one’s sole source of happiness.”

In taking hold of her life, Gaby rebuilds her relationship with herself and deepens relationships with her brother, niece, close friends, and even befriends an older neighbor, an older unmarried woman. 

gaby with niece

Sweet, funny, and just the right amount of emotional, “Spinster” checks all the boxes for what you’d want to find in a romantic comedy. Yet, it breaks the mold of the traditional rom-com by shifting the focus. Rather than a romantic love story, “Spinster” is about Gaby’s journey to fall in love with herself and her life. Like all good romantic comedies, the film ends with a party with all of Gaby’s loved ones present. At her combined restaurant opening and 40th birthday party, Gaby’s life looks completely different than it did on her 39th birthday seen at the start of the film. Her completely renewed outlook on life and appreciation for friends, family, and herself provide fulfillment and joy in her life that she was previously searching for through romantic relationships.

“Spinster” is an unconventional entry into the rom-com genre that provides a welcome departure from the heavy focus on romantic relationships as one’s sole source of happiness. The film acts as a strong reminder that self-love and deep interpersonal relationships — with or without a romantic partner — are vital and life-giving. 

4 stars

“Spinster” is a Vertical Entertainment release and available now on VOD and Digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Apple TV, Google Play, Fandango Now and all major cable/satellite platforms.

Photos are copyright of Vertical Entertainment.

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