Greenpoint Film Festival Review: Laundry Night

Year: 2020

Runtime: 7 minutes

Director: A. K. Espada 

Writer: A. K. Espada

Stars: Nicole Weiss, Sarina Rivera, Tom Anderson

By Joan Amenn

Just another lonely weeknight doing laundry in the creepy basement of an apartment building-what could possibly go wrong? With a nod to that benchmark of urban horror, “Candyman” (1992), “Laundry Night” has great fun in building up suspense and delivers on some chills in a very short runtime.

The cinematography is perfect in depicting an old, atmospherically dingy and slowly decaying basement laundry room where the lead, Nicole Weiss talks to a friend on her phone while engaging in the title domestic chore. She mentions that she has taken a self-defense class and is carrying a knife which is a nice foreshadowing of the showdown to come. Ancient and unreliable circuit breakers play a key role in the elusiveness of the stalker who lurks in the labyrinthine halls surrounding the laundry room.

The heroine manages to escape or at least, she thinks she does in a plot twist that doesn’t quite work. Weiss is convincing as a slightly self-absorbed but street-smart woman who knows how to navigate the pitfalls of life in a big city. Sarina Rivera makes a very brief appearance as her friend which is a shame because there was an opportunity to delve into their relationship a little deeper that was probably hindered by budget constraints.

“Laundry Night” has great fun in building up suspense and delivers on some chills in a very short runtime.”


Tom Anderson is great as the stalker who pursues our leading lady, but the ending of the film leaves us confused as to what exactly we are to make of him. Is he some sort of supernatural being or just a nightmarish personification of the anxieties of a young urban woman living alone in a building where no one can hear her screams?


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