Wolfwalkers: #LFF2020 Review

Cartoon Saloon ranks alongside Laika as one of the most exciting animation studios emerging in this new century of cinema. Their style is akin to the classic 2D hand-drawn animation of old-school Disney. But, through their own loose linework, their films feel much more singular. If children’s picture books were given motion, the films of Cartoon Saloon is probably what they would look like. With “Wolfwalkers” (2020) gracing this year’s London Film Festival, Cartoon Saloon may have produced their best film yet. Continue reading Wolfwalkers: #LFF2020 Review

Film Review: Nocturne

There’s one daunting line from the film that sums up both the driving force of the film itself as well as the life of a creative as a whole: “Music is a bloodsport.” Creative environments are often the most competitive as many try seeking acknowledgement and attention to give them wide acclaim and recognition – after all, the spotlight usually only has room for one. In some ways, this has always been the connective and cathartic part of these struggling artist stories and Quirke perfectly captures this with how she introduces and characterizes the film’s characters. Continue reading Film Review: Nocturne

NIGHTSTREAM Review: The Doorman

Kitamura is the kind of director that’s had his hands in a bunch of different properties and genres. He’s gone into the depths of bloody and brutal horror, been behind a Godzilla movie with “Godzilla: Final Wars”, taken on plenty of action flicks, and even did a live-action adaptation of “Lupin the 3rd”. He’s a director whose mark might be subtle, but it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed and it’s why it’s baffling how “The Doorman” ended up being so bland. The film’s story of a former Marine named Ali (Rose) becoming hotel doorman in New York City after a traumatic combat experience and being forced to protect a family after a group of thieves break into the hotel isn’t all that unfamiliar. Honestly, the whole idea of action stars protecting families has been seen in both adult action flicks like “The Transporter” series and family-friendly films like “The Pacifier”. “The Doorman” is the epidemy of these kind of films as it brings nothing to set itself apart. Continue reading NIGHTSTREAM Review: The Doorman

Supernova 2020

Review: Supernova

Year: 2020 Runtime: 93 minutes Director: Harry Macqueen Writer: Harry Macqueen Actors: Colin Firth, Stanley Tucci, Pippa Haywood, Peter Macqueen, Ian Drysdale, Sarah Woodward, James Dreyfus by Alexandra Petrache “Supernova” is a tale. It has a beginning, a middle and an ending and a plot twist. It has villains and heroes, except the villains do not have a shape and the heroes are being asked … Continue reading Review: Supernova

Witchcraft Month: “Bedknobs and Broomsticks”

There was a time when Disney was not the corporate behemoth it is today. After the death of founder Walt Disney, the company floundered a bit and its animation department suffered. Projects were shelved and those that had been shelved were resuscitated. “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” (1971) was one on those on again, off again films in development. The uncertainty in its production shows a little in the quality of the adaptation from the books by Mary Norton but is charming and unique in its take on witches. Continue reading Witchcraft Month: “Bedknobs and Broomsticks”

NIGHTSTREAM Review: Frank & Zed

Year: 2020 Runtime: 97 Minutes Director: Jesse Blanchard Writers: Jesse Blanchard Stars: Frank, Zed, Jerry Bell Jr., Aaron Booth,  Randolph F. Christen By Tom Moore Although horror comes in all different forms, there’re none like writer/director Jesse Blanchard’s sophomore feature “Frank & Zed” – a puppet horror film that’s a labour of love for the genre. The film is a simple gothic tale about a … Continue reading NIGHTSTREAM Review: Frank & Zed

Retrospective Review: Witches of Eastwick

Year: 1987Duration: 118 minutesDirector: George MillerWriter: Michael CristoferStarring: Cher, Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jack Nicholson By Juli Horsford “The Witches of Eastwick” is not necessarily a Halloween movie, but it’s zany enough that it might help you get into the spirit. Despite the title containing the word “witches,” that word is never actually mentioned in the movie. We’re left with the opportunity to interpret the … Continue reading Retrospective Review: Witches of Eastwick

NightStream Film Festival Review: Reunion

Emma Draper stars as Ellie, a university lecturer who has returned home to reunite with her estranged mother Ivy (Julia Ormond), who has been take care of her invalid husband Jack (John Bach). Despite being heavily pregnant, her state inspires little sympathy from Ivy and the two begin to pick up where they left off in their fractured relationship. Continue reading NightStream Film Festival Review: Reunion

After Love: #LFF2020

Year: 2020Duration: 89 minutesWriter/Director: Aleem KhanStarring:  Joanna Scanlan, Nathalie Richard, Talid Ariss By Caz Armstrong “After Love” is an intriguing study of how loss can unite people, even those otherwise divided by culture and geography. Long takes reminiscent of the studious eye of Joanna Hogg or Dominga Sotomayor Castillo bring complicated emotions to the fore without spoon feeding in this exquisite and intriguing film. In a beautifully … Continue reading After Love: #LFF2020