Exclusive Interview with Angela How, Director of “Bullied”

After watching Angela How’s hard-hitting and very real drama/thriller “Bullied” I was very keen to speak to her about the development of the film and her inspiration behind it. As a child I was subjected to bullying at school and it did have a significant impact on my overall perception of myself and my confidence. I found myself really relating to the character of Charlotte (played by the brilliant Jacinta Klassen) and I wasn’t quite aware of how much the film had impacted me until afterwards when I was coming up with the questions for How. There’s such a rawness and sense of realism, that this story could have only come from someone who had lived through the effects of bullying. In this interview below, How discusses her inspiration behind the picture, the struggles of casting and the female filmmakers who influenced her as well as her next upcoming project which sounds fascinating. Continue reading Exclusive Interview with Angela How, Director of “Bullied”

Time to Be Honest: Depression, Film And Me

“So, for how long have you been depressed for?” This was the question once posed to me by a counsellor during our first counselling session. “I dunno.” I shrugged in response. “Ever since I was a kid, I think.” It sounds like an exaggeration but to some extent, it’s true. In my life there have been two consistencies: depression and film. Both elements are so entwined in my life that it’s easier for me to recall the events of a film rather than the events of my life. Continue reading Time to Be Honest: Depression, Film And Me