Dionne Warwick: Don’t Make Me Over: TIFF21 Review

Year: 2021 Runtime: 95 minutes Director: Dave Wooley, David Heilbroner Writer: Dave Wooley By Joan Amenn **Dionne Warwick is the recipient of the Toronto Film Festival’s Special Recognition Award this year.** The legendary singer, activist, and fashion icon Dionne Warwick … Continue reading Dionne Warwick: Don’t Make Me Over: TIFF21 Review

As In Heaven: #TIFF21 Review

“As In Heaven” is a tactile and visceral film about the poisonous mix of poorly interpreted religion and superstition, and the affect this has on women. This one night is a distillation of something far more wide reaching and devastating for women everywhere. Continue reading As In Heaven: #TIFF21 Review

Encounter: TIFF 2021 Review

Year: 2021 Runtime: 108 Minutes Director: Michael Pearce Writer(s): Michael Pearce, Joe Barton Stars: Riz Ahmed, Octavia Spencer, Lucian-River Chauhan, Janina Gavankar Director Michael Pearce’s sophomore effort, “Encounter” (2021), creates an initially engaging sci-fi story that eventually takes a more … Continue reading Encounter: TIFF 2021 Review