In Their Own League Advent Countdown: 11. Batman Returns

By Joan Amenn

The holidays have arrived in Gotham City but the locals don’t seem to be feeling much in the spirit of the season. Maybe that’s because instead of Santa soaring across the sky, there have been sightings of a giant bat amid the rooftops. Only Tim Burton could create a Christmas story so dark and yet great, campy fun. Danny DeVito gives the Penguin a tragic edge as a man shunned for his unusual appearance who decides to live for revenge. Not exactly a Christmas sentiment but Burton makes it work as Batman (Michael Keaton) attempts to keep his city safe while becoming increasingly enamored with Selena Kyle ( Michelle Pfeiffer). Ms. Kyle has her own secrets, much like Bruce Wayne. Can these two crazy kids work out their differences in time to enjoy a cozy Christmas together? Well, if you know Tim Burton’s work, you probably can guess the odds of that happening. “Batman Returns” (1992) is an enjoyable matinee kind of film, especially if your sense of humor is a bit on the edgy side. It could be just the thing to cut through the sticky sweetness of one too many Hallmark movies.


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