In Their Own League Advent Calendar: 15. Babe

By Joan Amenn

“Christmas means carnage!” For farm animals, Christmas is far from a holly, jolly good time. They may very well find themselves on the menu as “Babe” (1995) sets out to prove. The little porker referenced in the title is a complete scene stealer but a close contender for second place is Ferdinand the duck, voiced by Danny Mann. Neither critter wants to be the entrée of choice for the holidays so it’s a good thing their owner is Farmer Hoggett (James Cromwell). Singing mice and sheep who can laugh round out the entourage that become Babe’s family but it’s the old man who becomes his mentor and father, at least in spirit. A little help from Jim Henson’s Creature Shop give a convincing spark of personality to the denizens of Hoggett farm. They are so endearing you might find yourself considering vegetarian options for your Christmas table this year. Be sure to watch this film with your whole family; it’s too good for just the little ones to have all the fun.

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