In Their Own League Advent Calendar: 21. “A Very GLOW Christmas”

By Morgan Roberts

Wrestling and “A Christmas Carol.” Is there a more perfe​​ct combination?  That is what “GLOW” chose to do for what ended up being their series finale.

In “A Very GLOW Christmas” directed by the wonderful Lynn Shelton, we saw some of our beloved characters tackling (and sleeper holding and turnbuckle face smashing) Dickens’ classic tale.  Over three seasons, the cast of characters on GLOW were looking for less-bah-humbugy redemption.  Ruth (Alison Brie) was atoning for betraying her best friend and coming to terms with her own failures.  Debbie (Betty Gilpin) was reclaiming her life as a working woman and one who finds her own power.  Sam (Marc Maron) was looking at his future and being present for others.  All of the characters, in their messes and complexities, were striving to make a change to better themselves.

“GLOW” then does the impossible and has a quirky group of wrestling personas act out “A Christmas Carol.”  It is zany and wild.  In stereotypical Russian accent, Zoya the Destroya was our Scrooge with the Beatdown Biddies as the Ghosts of Christmas Past, The Welfare Queen as the Ghost of Christmas Present and Machu Picchu as the Ghost of Christmas Future. Yes, it is absolutely bonkers. But at the end of the day, “A Very GLOW Christmas” showcases what made the series so special.  It allows absurdities, big choices, humanness and vulnerabilities to exist all at the same time.

When they aren’t wrestling in character as Charles Dickens characters, the women behind GLOW are seen at crossroads.  While we were never gifted with a fourth and final season to see the destinations of each character, we at least have a whimsical episode which encapsulates the magic of the show and the holiday season.

Though, a “GLOW” special or shortened season or movie will always be on my Christmas list.


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