Anticipated Films to see at Fantasia 2022!

By Harris Dang

It is the year 2022 and Fantasia Film Festival is back in a big way. After the tribulations of the COVID pandemic, the festival is back in high gear as it goes back to full in-person attendance. And with a jam-packed program of genre goodness to boot! Here are a few select films in the slate that we are incredibly excited for!

  • Freaks Out

After the oversaturation of superheroes in cinema from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe, it is refreshing to see saviours (in every sense of the word) from outside the United States. Case in point, “Freaks Out” (2022). The latest film from Gabriele Mainetti (who last helmed the neo-superhero crime flick “They Call Me Jeeg” [2015]), he is back with a historical period fantasy cum superhero flick that is sure to be a huge crowd-pleaser. After having won the audience award in International Film Festival Rotterdam, our hopes are psyched!

  • Happer’s Comet

The sophomore effort from indie filmmaker Tyler Taormina who made the wonderful “Ham on Rye” (2019); “Happer’s Comet” (2022) looks to be a compelling extension of his directorial prowess as he delves deeper into his ethereal storytelling. Filmed during the pandemic, it looks like Taormina has taken his resources and settings to his advantage to provide a nightmarish and sensational experience that explores themes of ennui and alienation.

  • The Killer

Pure, no-frills action is the name of the game here and “The Killer” (2022) looks like it could pack one hell of a punch. “The Killer” is the second collaboration of director Choi Jae-hoon and lead actor Jang Hyuk; who both made the propulsive period swordplay film “The Swordsman” (2020). Much like their debut, it looks like it is made out of familiar parts but also like their debut, their sophomore effort promises to deliver in terms of explosions, tears, blood, broken bones and explosions with cinematic flair.

  • Legendary in Action

Hong Kong martial arts cinema mixed with a love of DIY filmmaking sounds likes a wonderful combination. On that note, the film “Legendary in Action” (2022) looks like it could deliver on both fronts. Led by martial arts veteran Chen Kuan-tai, the film looks like it is aiming for a more cerebral note; complete with cine-literate fun alongside a love of martial arts cinema and stirring poignancy in terms of mortality and legacy.

  • Shin Ultraman

From the team that made the Japanese blockbuster “Shin Godzilla” (2016) and the acclaimed anime series “Neon Genesis Evangelion” (1995); filmmakers Shinji Higuchi and Hidaeki Anno have reunited in rebooting another renowned IP that is “Ultraman” (1966)! Stacked with an all-star cast (including Hidetoshi Nishijima, Takumi Saito and Masami Nagasawa) and a compelling blend of lo-fi effects and high-budget sheen, “Shin Ultraman” (2022) looks like it could be another winner!

Fantasia Fest is happening now through August 3rd, so keep checking back here for more great reviews from Harris Dang!


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