Greenpoint Film Festival Review: Locked Away

To create a feature length film primarily within one location, and one character can seem like an extreme task, but Yung-Jen Yan effectively did so in his thriller ‘Locked Alone.’ The narrative follows a young woman (Claire Hsu) moving into a Manhattan apartment. A seemingly nice location, affordable apartment and the world at her feet. However, she soon finds out that it is far from the American Dream-like life she was hoping for, as an unwelcomed presence locks her in the apartment, isolated and with minimal resources. Continue reading Greenpoint Film Festival Review: Locked Away

“Hamilton” is Eliza’s Musical Review: Hamilton

I have spent 5 years listening to the soundtrack, and unconsciously assumed the musical is named after, for and all directed to Alexander Hamilton (Lin Manuel Miranda); after all, the title of the first song is named ‘Alexander Hamilton.’ But I was stumped after I watched the filmed version for the first time to see the emotion Phillipa Soo put into her character of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton, and the final moment as she stares back into the audience, gasping. Continue reading “Hamilton” is Eliza’s Musical Review: Hamilton