Violet: TIFF21 Review

The film is distressing and overwhelming in parts but ultimately encourages us all to overcome self-doubt and negativity, and to reach for our goals. You never know what success you might find if you undo the chains that hold you down and took a leap of faith in yourself. Continue reading Violet: TIFF21 Review

As In Heaven: #TIFF21 Review

“As In Heaven” is a tactile and visceral film about the poisonous mix of poorly interpreted religion and superstition, and the affect this has on women. This one night is a distillation of something far more wide reaching and devastating for women everywhere. Continue reading As In Heaven: #TIFF21 Review

“The Bright Side” #EIFF21 Review

The Bright Side treads a line between poignant and dramatic, never tipping too far into either side. The result is moving and emotional but laced with hope that no matter your coping tactics, deep human connection will get you through. Continue reading “The Bright Side” #EIFF21 Review