SIFF 2021 Review: Deadly Cuts

With Deadly Cuts, writer/Director Rachel Carey has created a bright and fun black comedy which doesn’t take itself too seriously. This film would be great for Saturday night in with a big fluffy towel on your head, massive bowl of popcorn in one hand, and a glass of pink prosecco in the other. Continue reading SIFF 2021 Review: Deadly Cuts

SXSW Online 2021 Review: “Recovery”

Year: 2021Duration: 1h 20mDirectors: Mallory Everton, Stephen MeekWriters: Whitney Call, Mallory EvertonStarring: Whitney Call, Mallory Everton, Julia Jolley By Caz Armstrong This pandemic-based roadtrip comedy sees two sisters racing across the country to free their grandma from a covid-infested nursing home. With comic vibes and palpable chemistry reminiscent of “Booksmart” directors Mallory Everton and Stephen Meek have a very funny, very timely film. Sisters Jamie and Blake (co-writers Whitney … Continue reading SXSW Online 2021 Review: “Recovery”

SXSW Online 2021 Review: “Kid Candidate”

Year: 2021Duration: 1h 7mDirector: Jasmine Stodel By Caz Armstrong Hayden Pedigo is a 24 year old experimental musician running for city council in Amarillo, Texas, a city with a population of 200,000 people. He’s keen, inexperienced and passionate, the youngest person ever to run for council in Amarillo. This documentary by filmmaker Jasmine Stodel is a character study that makes you not only root for … Continue reading SXSW Online 2021 Review: “Kid Candidate”

SXSW Online 2021 Review: “Fucking With Nobody”

Year: 2021Duration: 1h 42mDirector: Hannaleena HauruWriters: Hannaleena Hauru, Lasse PoserStarring: Hannaleena Hauru, Lasse Poser, Samuel Kujala By Caz Armstrong This meta-narrative film-of-a-film centres around feminist ideals in heterosexual relationships and the unreal impressions we give on social media. While the intentions are noble, momentum falls quickly and the layers of narrative creates confusion. Hanna (writer and director Hannaleena Hauru) is failing in her career as a film director … Continue reading SXSW Online 2021 Review: “Fucking With Nobody”