Review: I Blame Society

Year: 2020 Runtime: 84 minutes Director: Gillian Horvat Writers: Gillian Horvat & Chase Williamson Actors: Gillian Horvat, Keith Poulson, Chase Williamson, Jennifer Kim, Alexia Rasmussen, Morgan Krantz, Lucas Kavner By Simon Whitlock Filmmaking, so the cliché goes, is a cut-throat business and “I Blame Society” (2020), the debut feature from director, co-writer and star Gillian Horvat, has decided to take that message literally. Inspired by … Continue reading Review: I Blame Society

Review: “Proxima”

Year: 2019 Director: Alice Winocour Writers: Alice Winocour with Jean-Stéphane Bron Starring: Eva Green, Matt Dillon, Lars Eidinger By Simon Whitlock Western cinema has enjoyed a proud history of female-led space films. From “Alien” to “Gravity,” women have made the final frontier very much theirs. Joining this rich pantheon is director Alice Winocour’s latest feature “Proxima,” the story of French astronaut Sarah Loreau (Eva Green, … Continue reading Review: “Proxima”

Rose: A Love Story

Interview with Jennifer Sheridan, director of “Rose: A Love Story”

British horror film “Rose: A Love Story” enjoyed its world premiere at the 2020 London Film Festival. The film’s director and editor, Jennifer Sheridan, spoke to In Their Own League about making her directorial feature debut, and the fun of shooting a horror film in a remote Welsh forest. [This interview has been edited to remove spoilers for the film.] Congratulations on the release of … Continue reading Interview with Jennifer Sheridan, director of “Rose: A Love Story”

Review -Rose: A Love Story #LFF2020

“Rose: A Love Story” is the feature debut for director Jennifer Sheridan, about a married couple living an isolated existence in the woods near a little town in the north of England. Sam (Matt Stokoe) is a man whose life is lived in service to his loving wife Rose (Sophie Rundle) as she struggles with a mysterious illness. Rose’s days are spent indoors, with only a typewriter and a radio handy to keep her occupied in the couple’s dimly lit cabin, while Sam enjoys a separate daily life filled with light, hunting and gardening, and making sure the many locks installed on the outside of their house are secured. Continue reading Review -Rose: A Love Story #LFF2020

Review: Honeymood #LFF2020

Writer-director Lavie’s filmography to date is mostly based in short films – “Honeymood” is her second feature – and this does feel like it might have been better if the film had been trimmed down to a shorter running time. The film’s conceit is strong and the performances, for the most part, might be enough for some to stick with it, but the expectation for a film premiering at the London Film Festival under the “Laugh” strand deserves a little more on screen at which to, well, laugh. Continue reading Review: Honeymood #LFF2020

Kajillionaire #LFF2020Review

July’s latest, “Kajillionaire”, sees her carrying straight ahead in her now signature style, and so is not likely to change much for either party. The film tells the story of Old Dolio (Evan Rachel Wood), a twenty-something woman who lives and works with her parents (Debra Winger and Richard Jenkins) as thieves and con-artists in Los Angeles. Old Dolio has for her whole life only ever been used as a playing piece in her parents’ efforts to become rich – her name came from a homeless man who won the lottery, in a vain attempt to get some of his newfound money from him – and the closest thing to love and affection she’s ever received from her parents is the even share she gets of their con jobs. Continue reading Kajillionaire #LFF2020Review