ITOL Exclusive Interview: Colin Stacy, Founder of Tees-en-scène

We were very lucky to chat with Colin Stacy the founder of the fantastic Tees-en-scène, a wonderful t-shirt company that celebrates women in film, queer filmmakers and people of colour working in the industry. Their designs are really stylish, and more importantly they're helping to promote the work of filmmakers who have been ignored in the past. We would like to say thank you to Colin for his time and make sure to support Tees-en-scène.

Exclusive Interview With Filmmaker Allie Loukas

We were lucky to get the chance to speak to Allie Loukas on her funny, and witty debut film "Kathryn Upside Down" which we reviewed here. In our interview, Allie discusses the process of shooting on a low-budget, overcoming challenges with sexist crew members and how the films of John Hughes inspired her.

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