Happy Birthday To Céline Sciamma

The wonderful Céline Sciamma will be celebrating her birthday on the 12th November and if you’re familiar with our site then you know that we are HUGE fans of her work. For this piece, we want to discuss her career and celebrate her filmography and how she’s taking on the French film industry and its sexism. She may have only directed four feature films and one short, but Sciamma has already established herself as one of the icons of female filmmaker history. Her unique perspective and story-telling have helped to create engaging conversations with critics and cinephiles alike. Continue reading Happy Birthday To Céline Sciamma

Review: The Boys in the Band

LGBTQ movies have, at long last, flourished in modern years uncovering gripping tales of ‘hidden’ love stories. Netflix recently joined writer Matt Crowley by adapting his 1968 Broadway play “The Boys in the Band” (2020), reviving the truth telling depiction of a group of gay males living in New York. Director Joe Mantello takes the six excelling actors, showcasing intense monologues, to express the difficulties of being queer during this condescending era. Continue reading Review: The Boys in the Band

Scottish Queer International Film Festival: Love or Something Like It

Year: 2020 Runtime: 73 minutes Directors: Sungbin Byun, Yujie Cao, Akira Kamiki, Arun Fulara & Dan Dansen By Calum Cooper “Love or Something Like It” (2020) is a collection of short films that are united by a lot more than their identities as LGBTQ+ media. Although each short is unique, be it the visuals, length or even language, all of them are encompassed by their … Continue reading Scottish Queer International Film Festival: Love or Something Like It

Scottish Queer International Film Festival: Queering the Script

“Queering the Script” is about the behind the camera battles to depict LGBTQ characters in television series with respect and compassion. From the seminal moment that “Xena: Warrior Princess” (1995-2001) arrived through all the TV characters that followed her, “Queering the Script” offers an enjoyable tour of the few steps forward and many stumbles backward in the quest for representation. Especially painful is the revelation that from 2015 through 2017, sixty-two LGBTQ female characters died in television series. Continue reading Scottish Queer International Film Festival: Queering the Script

Scottish Queer International Film Festival: Ashley

“Ashley” is the winner of the 2019/2020 Margaret Tait Award and is surprisingly complex for being a short film. Director Jamie Crewe, who also wrote and stars, gives an at times disorienting immersion into the mind of a deeply agonized and despondent soul. “Ashley” is brilliant in the use of sound to convey the inner turmoil of the title character’s struggle to affirm their identity. Continue reading Scottish Queer International Film Festival: Ashley

SQIFF Review: Lingua Franca

Writer, director, and actor Isabel Sandoval’s “Lingua Franca” (2020) is an emotional, romantic drama that breaks new ground for Filipinx and transgender representation. Set in Trump’s America, the film is both timely and timeless. Olivia (Isabel Sandoval) is a Filipina trans woman living in Brooklyn, NY. There, she takes care of an elderly Russian woman, Olga (Lynn Cohen) and her grandson Alex (Eamon Farren). Throughout the feature, there are reminders of the impact of Trump’s presidency including ICE raids and strict, ever-changing immigration policies. Capturing America under the 45th president, “Lingua Franca” is extremely well-timed. Yet, the issues Olivia faces have long been struggles for trans women of color, making the film as timeless as it is timely. Continue reading SQIFF Review: Lingua Franca

SQIFF Review: Pride & Protest

Year: 2020 Runtime: 90 Minutes Director: Blaise Singh By Tom Moore Creating a film that lets multiple voices and stories be heard loud and clear within the LGBTQ+ community, director Blaise Singh guides viewers through a search for pride and understanding with his first feature documentary, “Pride & Protest,” now screening at the Scottish Queer International Film Festival (SQIFF). In the wake of Birmingham protests … Continue reading SQIFF Review: Pride & Protest

TIFF Movie Review: “Shiva Baby”

Year: 2020 Runtime: 77 minutes Writer: Emma Seligman Directed by: Emma Seligman Stars: Rachel Sennott, Molly Gordon, Polly Draper, Danny Deferrari, Fred Melamed, and Dianna Agron By Rosa Parra Shiva is a seven-day mourning period following the death of a family member in the Jewish religion. In “Shiva Baby,” written and directed by Emma Seligman, a young bisexual Jewish woman (Rachel Sennott) finds herself in … Continue reading TIFF Movie Review: “Shiva Baby”

Review: Spiral (2020)

“You need to stop thinking that everyone’s out to get you all the time,” Aaron (Ari Cohen) says, in an effort to comfort Malik (Jeffrey Bower-Chapman) after he shares his suspicions about their new neighbors. The couple’s new neighborhood is picturesque: large homes sit among lush greenery and rolling hills. Despite the beauty on the outside, Malik fears there’s something sinister going on. In his search for answers, he uncovers things that make stomachs churn and hearts stop. Aaron’s words of dismissal push Malik deeper and deeper into the search for answers, changing both of their lives forever. Continue reading Review: Spiral (2020)