Film Review: The Magician’s Elephant

Year: 2023 Runtime: 99 minutes Director: Wendy Rogers Writers: Martin Hynes (Screenplay by), Kate DiCamillo (based on the book by) Actors: Noah Jupe, Brian Tyree Henry, Mandy Patinkin, Natasia Demetriou, Benedict Wong By Tom Moore The directorial debut of Wendy Rogers, “The Magician’s Elephant,” is a quaint, animated tale about the seemingly impossible being possible that’s easy to like even if it suffers from some … Continue reading Film Review: The Magician’s Elephant

Film Review: Netflix’s Your Place or Mine

Year: 2022 Runtime: 92 minutes Director: Aline Brosh McKenna Writers: Aline Brosh McKenna Starring: Ashton Kutcher, Reese Witherspoon, Zoe Chao,  Jesse Williams, Tig Notaro, Wesley Kimmel, Steve Zahn By Tom Moore Although Netflix’s new romcom “Your Place or Mine” features a star-studded cast and a seasoned writer in the genre in Aline Brosh McKenna, who also makes her directorial debut here, it’s remarkably disappointing. The … Continue reading Film Review: Netflix’s Your Place or Mine

Exclusive Interview with Mason Alexander Park

By Joan Amenn Recently seen as Desire in Netflix’s “The Sandman” and now in a new role in the reboot of the science fiction series “Quantum Leap” on NBC (alternately, you can catch it on Peacock), Mason Alexander Park has been stealing scenes in one riveting performance after another. We got to sit down with them and chat a little about both series and they … Continue reading Exclusive Interview with Mason Alexander Park

Film Review: Do Revenge

Year: 2022 Runtime: 118 minutes Director: Jennifer Kaytin Robinson Writers: Celeste Ballard, Jennifer Kaytin Robinson Actors: Camila Mendes, Maya Hawke, Austin Abrams, Ava Capri, Rish Shah, Alisha Boe, J.D. By Tom Moore It needs to be acknowledged that writer/director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson is quickly becoming a must-watch force with all the great work she’s been putting out. Not only has she co-written films like “Thor: … Continue reading Film Review: Do Revenge

Film Review: Bubble

Year: 2022 Runtime: 100 Minutes Directors: Tetsuro Araki Writers: Gen Urobuchi, Naoko Sato, Renji Oki Voice Stars: Jun Shison, Riria, Alice Hirose, Mamoru Miyano, Yuki Kaji By Tom Moore The newest film from Wit Studio (“Attack on Titan”) and director Tetsuro Araki (“Death Note”, “Attack on Titan”), “Bubble” (2022), is a flowing fantasy adventure full of visually epic action taking place in a beautifully realized … Continue reading Film Review: Bubble

Review: “Bruised”

Year: 2020 Runtime: 129 minutes Director: Halle Berry Writer: Michelle Rosenfarb Actors: Halle Berry, Sheila Atim, Adriane Lenox, Adan Canto, Danny Boyd Jr. By Valerie Kalfrin Halle Berry has often been a fighter. She leaped from TV shows to feature films after she persuaded director Spike Lee that she had the grit to play a crack addict in 1991’s “Jungle Fever.” As an executive producer … Continue reading Review: “Bruised”