The Menu and the Impact of Criticism

By Joan Amenn Food has always been a crucial centerpiece to my life, almost as much and perhaps more than movies, largely because of my heritage. My father had a deep obsession with eating in restaurants to discover what was new and trendy during the organic food movement of the 1970’s. My mother was and remains an outstanding cook whose dinner parties are literally the … Continue reading The Menu and the Impact of Criticism

The Lineup: Films We’re Eyeing in October

By Tom Moore and Joan Ammen October brims with two big things for film: horror movies and major film festival appearances. This October is no different, with new female-directed horror films set to hit streaming services, theaters, and festivals (including one being released after first appearing at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival). There are also some noteworthy film festival debuts with new films from prominent … Continue reading The Lineup: Films We’re Eyeing in October

A black woman in her fifties stands on a battlefield at night in African dress. She wears a sword at her waist and a fierce look.

The Lineup: Films We’re Eyeing in September

By Valerie Kalfrin and Tom Moore This month, In Their Own League launches a new feature, “The Lineup,” a listing of films released this month featuring underrepresented stories, women directors, and where you can view them. Click through to find the trailers, courtesy of – Joan Amenn, Editor in Chief As we head into a jam-packed fall movie season filled with plenty of big … Continue reading The Lineup: Films We’re Eyeing in September

Film Review: Don’t Make Me Go

Year: 2022 Runtime:  119 minutes Director: Hannah Marks Writer: Vera Herbert Cast: John Cho, Mia Isaac, Kaya Scodelario, Otis Dhanji, Josh Thomson By Tom Moore Director Hannah Marks’ third film, “Don’t Let Me Go”(2022), instantly grabs your heart with its incredibly likeable father/daughter bond and genuine character arcs, but unfortunately falls apart in its final act due to ill-conceived story turns and execution. The film … Continue reading Film Review: Don’t Make Me Go

Review: ruth weiss: the Beat Goddess

Year: 2019 Runtime: 69 minutes Director: Melody C. Miller By Joan Amenn “Walking on a tightrope Is like any other road Just believe your foot.” -ruth weiss An extraordinary life deserves to be celebrated and remembered and for too long, Ruth Weiss has been eclipsed by other poets of the Beat Movement. Unsurprisingly, the men of the era like Ginsberg and Kerouac were considered the … Continue reading Review: ruth weiss: the Beat Goddess

Magical May Review: Legend

Year: 1985 Runtime: 90 minutes Director: Ridley Scott Writer: William Hjortsberg Actors: Mia Sara, Tom Cruise, Tim Curry, Billy Barty, Annabelle Lanyon, Alice Playten By Joan Amenn What is this thing that Ridley Scott has with unicorns? In “Legend” (1985) and “Blade Runner” (1982) they pop in to lend a convenient metaphor for the plot of each film to reference. In the former, they represent … Continue reading Magical May Review: Legend