Sundance 2022 Review: “Dual”

Year: 2022 Runtime: 95 minutes Director and Writer: Riley Stearns Stars: Karen Gillan, Aaron Paul, Beulah Koale, Maiji Paunio By Morgan Roberts “Dual”(2022) is a witty and stylishly dark-humored film that is an examination of persevering past existential ennui.  The film follows Sarah (Karen Gillan) as she learns she is terminally ill.  Damn.  But to save her family from the hole she will leave behind, … Continue reading Sundance 2022 Review: “Dual”

Mental Health Awareness Month Review: “Smashed”

Getting sober is difficult.  Especially when you’re doing it alone.  That is what Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) goes through in 2012’s “Smashed.”  Kate and her husband, Charlie (Aaron Paul) are alcoholics. We learn that very early in the film.

But after Kate, extremely hungover, gets sick in front of her kindergarten students, she starts to rethink her relationship with alcohol.  Her students assume she’s pregnant – one noting their mom got sick when expecting a younger sibling – and she goes with it.  But it is not until a night of drunkenly doing crack, another – of many nights – of urinating in the bed, and in all sorts of intoxication stealing a bottle of booze from a liquor store that she decides it is time to stop. Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Month Review: “Smashed”

Four Reasons Bojack Horseman is going to die by suicide (and one reason why he won’t)

January 20th, 2020 is a date that will go down in infamy as the end of one the greatest eras in modern television : the brief but powerful reign of “Bojack Horseman”, star of screen and book. Five and a half moving, funny, poignant, brilliant seasons have left little doubt that Raphael Bob Waksberg and friends will knock the final six episodes out of the park but there are many questions left about how our dubious hero will say his final goodbyes.

Besides “The Office” ( the soundtrack of my life) there are few shows I have examined as carefully or studied as intensely as “Bojack Horseman”. It is the only show I’ve ever loved enough to consider a fan tattoo. My careful examination of a show that rewards careful examination has revealed the following : Bojack Horseman’s (Will Arnett) life is in danger. Continue reading Four Reasons Bojack Horseman is going to die by suicide (and one reason why he won’t)