ITOL’S Cinematic Dads: About Time

“About Time” (2013) is a wonderfully charming film, with a central romance that truly stands out. However, there’s another relationship within the film that’s just as important, as both a catalyst for the story and an emotional tether throughout, which is that of father and son. While our star, Domhnall Gleeson, is perfectly suited as the lead, Bill Nighy’s portrayal is essential. The always incredible actor shines as the father introducing his son to their ability to time travel, but more than that, passing on his wisdom on the appreciation of life. Continue reading ITOL’S Cinematic Dads: About Time

Five Romantic Comedies That Are Hard Not to Love

“I can’t stand romantic comedies.” We’ve all met someone like this. Whether or not this is a genre that you like, love, or simply feel abhorrently about, I believe that there are some classics that are embedded in the history of film that can’t be discredited. Ones that warm even the coldest or most cynical of us.

Since I think that these lie within the very fabric of what makes movies like this so comforting, these are five I’d suggest for anyone. However, we all have our own tastes and sentimental trappings when it comes to ”feel good” cinema, or “cry your eyes out” romance. Find your own, but if you need help, check these out. Continue reading Five Romantic Comedies That Are Hard Not to Love