Women’s History Month- 10 Inspiring Women Who Deserve Their Own Biopic

For this Women’s History Month, I have decided to focus on creating some top ten lists which discuss films, biopics and documentaries about women in history that will hopefully inspire and inform readers about the accomplishments of women throughout history. For this piece I am focusing on ten women who deserve their own biopics and will be discussing who I think should star in the film, who could possibly direct the film and why their stories deserve to be seen on the big screen. Continue reading Women’s History Month- 10 Inspiring Women Who Deserve Their Own Biopic

Review: We Summon the Darkness

The best kind of horror film is the one that involves all the trappings of a cliché. Though it might be tempting to posit that those that leave us the most on our toes are ones that are full of novelty and turn the genre on its head, that is surprisingly not always the case. Some of the best horror films are those that readily boast everything we might expect. There is something about being lulled into a false sense of security that is far more compelling than being presented with something so unique that strangeness ceases to be strange. Presented by Signature Entertainment and Frightfest, “We Summon the Darkness” pairs longstanding trademarks of the genre with a contemporary twist, resulting in a brilliant contrast. While it may be filled with scenes we recognize, it certainly makes for a refreshing take. Continue reading Review: We Summon the Darkness