Film Review: Get Duked!

Three unruly delinquents Dean, Duncan and DJ Beatroot (Rian Gordon, Lewis Gribben and Viraj Juneja) led by teacher Mr. Carlyle (Jonathan Aris) are brought to the Scottish Highlands to redeem themselves after a lifetime of shenanigans and sabotage. They are to go on the Duke of Edinburgh Trek alongside Ian (Samuel Bottomley), a sincere overachiever to learn teamwork, leadership and orientation. Little do the four know is that the elements of the environment are not the only things that will stand in their way. Continue reading Film Review: Get Duked!

Short Film Review: Innocence

Any parent of a developmentally disabled child will tell you the primary fear that keeps them up at night is what will happen to them when they are no longer alive to look after them. “Innocence” (2020) explores the world of group homes for adults with disabilities like the protagonist, Dylan (Tommy Jessup) who has Down Syndrome. Dylan’s brother James (Laurence Spellman) works at the home as an orderly as well and keeps an eye on Dylan. When a terrible crime summons the police to the home, the scrutiny uncovers some ugly secrets about the kind of life Dylan and the other residents have there. Continue reading Short Film Review: Innocence

31 Days of Horror, Day 18: Prevenge

Horror is often an exquisitely wild genre, taking us to dark depths of the civilization and worlds far from Earth. The genre can equally thrive hiding in plain sight, acknowledging our fears of everyday life. Moving to a new town (“The Stepford Wives”), meeting your partner’s parents (“Get Out”) and sexual health (“It Follows”) are things most of us will deal with at least once in our lives, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be scary. In 2016, “Prevenge” was released, instantly becoming one of the finest maternal-horrors around. The woman behind this twisted, bloody romp: Alice fucking Lowe. Continue reading 31 Days of Horror, Day 18: Prevenge