Women’s History Month- 10 Inspiring Women Who Deserve Their Own Biopic

For this Women’s History Month, I have decided to focus on creating some top ten lists which discuss films, biopics and documentaries about women in history that will hopefully inspire and inform readers about the accomplishments of women throughout history. For this piece I am focusing on ten women who deserve their own biopics and will be discussing who I think should star in the film, who could possibly direct the film and why their stories deserve to be seen on the big screen. Continue reading Women’s History Month- 10 Inspiring Women Who Deserve Their Own Biopic

Review: “Proxima”

Year: 2019 Director: Alice Winocour Writers: Alice Winocour with Jean-Stéphane Bron Starring: Eva Green, Matt Dillon, Lars Eidinger By Simon Whitlock Western cinema has enjoyed a proud history of female-led space films. From “Alien” to “Gravity,” women have made the final frontier very much theirs. Joining this rich pantheon is director Alice Winocour’s latest feature “Proxima,” the story of French astronaut Sarah Loreau (Eva Green, … Continue reading Review: “Proxima”

GFF Exclusive Review: Proxima

During the Q&A after the screening of “Proxima” (2019), writer/director Alice Winocour commented on the significance of its title. For “Proxima” is not just the name of the central space mission within the film. Proxima Centauri is the name of the closest star to our solar system outside of the Sun, yet is still 4.2 light years away. Winocour described this star as so close yet so distant too, a description which is at the heart of this film’s themes – one of the key reasons why “Proxima” works as well as it does.

Opening the 2020 Glasgow Film Festival, this French drama stars Eva Green as astronaut Sarah Loreau. She is selected for a one year mission on the ISS, a choice which delights Sarah. This is what she has always wanted. But there are certain complications. Not only must she undergo rigorous training for the mission, but she is leaving behind her eight-year-old daughter Stella (Zelie Bouland), who struggles to comprehend the idea of not seeing her mother for a whole year. Continue reading GFF Exclusive Review: Proxima