SXSW Online 2021 Review: “Alien On Stage”

Year: 2020 Runtime: 86 minutes Directors: Lucy Harvey and Danielle Kummer Stars: Jason Hill, Lydia Hayward, Jacqui Roe, Carolyn White, John Elliot, Mike Rustici, Scott Douglas, Penny Thorne, Dave Mitchell, Luc Hayward, Peter Lawford By Valerie Kalfrin Anyone who loves the theatre or has felt like a deer in spotlights will get a kick out of “Alien on Stage,” an affectionate behind-the-scenes documentary about British … Continue reading SXSW Online 2021 Review: “Alien On Stage”

#WomenInAction Month: The 10 Action Heroines Who Shaped My Childhood

Being a kid in the ’90s there really wasn’t a lot of female-led action films like there are today. In a lot of ways I’m kind of jealous that girls (and boys) growing up today have the opportunity to watch female-led action films such as “Wonder Woman”, “Captain Marvel”, “Black Widow” and the new Star Wars trilogy. As a kid, the female action characters were very few and far between, which is probably why I favoured watching action films that weren’t aimed at children such as “The Terminator” and “Alien”. To see characters like Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley not only be the main characters but also kick-ass and drive the action and narrative forward just blew my mind. Continue reading #WomenInAction Month: The 10 Action Heroines Who Shaped My Childhood

Monstrous Motherhood in the “Alien” Franchise

Released in 1979, “Alien” has continued to captivate and terrify audiences for forty years, the infamous ‘chestburster’ scene is still one of the most shocking moments in cinema. The combination of horror and sci-fi, the incredible practical effects, the wonderful build-up of tension and the gruesome and ruthless Xenomorph is what makes it one of the classics of twentieth-century cinema and why it has morphed into such a large franchise of films.

Part of the horror of the series lies in its monstrous and abject depiction of reproduction and the female body. Abjection, according to philosopher Julia Kristeva “disturbs identity, system, and order” and “does not respect borders, positions or rules” and can be applied to the maternal monstrous-feminine in the horror film. Continue reading Monstrous Motherhood in the “Alien” Franchise