Review: Chemical Hearts

Austin Abrams stars as Henry Page, a high school student who seems to be rather content with his outlook on life in wanting to go into a good university and have a bright future like his parents (played by Bruce Altman and Meg Gibson). Like his outgoing parents, he considers himself to be idealistic in terms of finding love. In other words, the dreaded term, being a “hopeless romantic.” Continue reading Review: Chemical Hearts

Review: Undone

No doubt, “Undone” will leave you with a lot of questions. Personally speaking, the burning question I had was, when has Kate Purdy been to my house? The main character, Alma, wears her hair like I used to. She dresses like me. She drinks too much and says the wrong thing and worries that she’s crazy like me. She zones out at work and she craves adventure like me. What she does, that I don’t, is travel through time but otherwise, she’s me. Also, she’s indigenous and I’m Indian diaspora but we’re both brown so other than that and the time travel it was like looking in a mirror. Continue reading Review: Undone