Review: Before/During/After

Year: 2021 Runtime: 83 minutes Directors: Stephen Kunken and Jack Lewars Writer: Finnerty Steeves Stars: Finnerty Steeves, Jeremy Davidson By Nicole Ackman Stories about relationships falling apart can often be much more interesting than those about two people getting together. Looking at how a couple can attempt to make things work and ultimately fail often allows for more nuance than a more straightforward romance film … Continue reading Review: Before/During/After

Greenpoint Film Festival Review: “Before/During/After”

Jennie (Finnerty Steeves) is a character actor in New York, looking back on her marriage after its demise. You see moments of Jennie and her husband David (Jeremy Davidson) throughout their marriage, all the good, bad, and ugly bits. You see them at their wedding reception. You see them in love and planning their future. You see them at the beginnings of the fracture of their marriage. And you see them as the inevitable occurs. Continue reading Greenpoint Film Festival Review: “Before/During/After”