Review: Love Sarah

Eliza Schroeder’s “Love Sarah” is not a film I would usually be drawn to. Those who know me, are probably aware that I am not the ‘Light-hearted comedy’ type. However, “Love Sarah” was an unexpected and very pleasant surprise, a step outside my usual comfort zone and a film I didn’t really know how much I needed. In this time of uncertainty, division and separation, it was a real delight to see a community of different people from a range of backgrounds, ages and cultures coming together, united by the power of love, food and friendship. Continue reading Review: Love Sarah

Social Isolation Review: “Fleabag”

This is a love story.

“Fleabag,” Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s award-winning series, is a masterpiece.  I do not say that lightly. But it is true.  

Fleabag (Waller-Bridge) is a quirky, sometimes crude woman attempting to live her life.  Season 1 introduces us to her life, her family, her friends. She is a mess. Her life is a mess,  Her mother has passed and now her father (Bill Paterson) is dating her Godmother (Olivia Colman).  She has a strenuous relationship with her sister, Claire (Sian Clifford).  And her best friend Boo (Jenny Rainsford) has died.  Continue reading Social Isolation Review: “Fleabag”