Women of Summer Retrospective: The Mummy

Year: 1999 Runtime: 124 minutes Director: Stephen Sommers Writers: Stephen Sommers, Lloyd Forvielle, Kevin Jarre Cast: Rachel Weisz, Brendan Fraser, John Hannah, Arnold Vosloo, Jonathan Hyde, Oded Fehr, Kevin J. O’Connor, Patricia Velasquez, Bernard Fox By Joan Amenn “I am proud of what I am…I am a Librarian!” -Evelyn Carnahan (Rachel Weisz) In the 1990’s Universal Studios explored the idea of rebooting their perennially popular … Continue reading Women of Summer Retrospective: The Mummy

My Top 10 Favorite Horrific Romances

Joan gives us a list of her favourite romances from horror for Valentine’s Day!

1. “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” (1992): A horror story based on eternal love complicated by the side effects of eternal life. Great art direction and Richard E. Grant is awesome as a psychologist stumped by patient Renfield’s obsession with flies.

Why I love it: Gary Oldman in blue tinted shades indulging in absinthe.

2. “Crimson Peak” (2015): When a tall, handsome stranger (Tom Hiddleston) professes his desire to take aspiring author Edith Cushing (Mia Wasikowska) away to his family mansion, what could possibly go wrong? Gothic and darkly beautiful, this is a romance that only Guillermo del Toro could tell and Jessica Chastain nearly walks away with the film as the dominating, manipulative Lucille.

Why I love it: The candlelight waltz with Tom Hiddleston. Continue reading My Top 10 Favorite Horrific Romances