Why Princess Fiona from “Shrek” Is An All Star

It seems incredible that Dreamworks “Shrek” is now twenty years old. This cult classic burst onto our screens on the 18th May 2001, with it’s talented cast of actors (Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and the awesome John Lithgow), “Shrek” transformed the CGI animated landscape forever. While, many articles and think pieces are analysing the film and its characters as a whole, I have decided to focus on the film’s true hero: Princess Fiona. Continue reading Why Princess Fiona from “Shrek” Is An All Star

The Anti-RomCom Ending

Genres set certain expectations for a film’s narrative. While yes, the characters and plot most likely differ for each film—audiences know what to expect based on genre. Horror should scare, a documentary should inform, and comedy should cause laughter. Undoubtedly then, a romantic-comedy should have two characters who seemingly shouldn’t be together, end up together. Right? They meet, they usually don’t like each other, they end up falling in love—then, there is some type of conflict that separates them, but by the grace of the genre, the love overpowers any type of reality.  In the end, the two romantic characters end up together, falling in love—happily ever after, just like the fairytales told us so. The genre presents an expectation, a safe space. But—what if it doesn’t? Continue reading The Anti-RomCom Ending