ITOL 2019 Round-Up: Alice

I have quite a high bar for emotional reactions to film, whether that be laughing or crying. “Alice” had me crying in my seat all through the credits.

The two key elements to Alice’s story are commonplace and not particularly remarkable in themselves. A husband squanders the family money, has affairs and leaves his wife. On the other side a woman is so backed into a financial corner that she turns to sex work. Nothing especially unique about either of those elements. Continue reading ITOL 2019 Round-Up: Alice

Review: Alice

“Alice” (2019) is a French-language film by director Joséphine Mackerras which won the SXSW Grand Jury Prize. It shines a light on the reality of women’s place in western society and the empowering nature of sisterhood.

Francois (Martin Swabey) brings his family to the brink of ruin by squandering all their money on sex workers. His wife Alice (Émilie Piponnier) is faced with having to play a rigged system in order to save her home and her son. Continue reading Review: Alice