Undine: #LFF20 Review

“Undine” (2020) is a puzzling wee film. Brought to us from the director of “Transit” (2018) it is a film that has a lot going for it, be it its tone, themes and central characters. It certainly has a plethora of skill to its craftsmanship, but I don’t know if it entirely meshes together. Upon my own viewing of the picture, I personally found enough decent ideas in it to enjoy it, and I would still call it an ambitious project. But it doesn’t hold up as well on reflection. Continue reading Undine: #LFF20 Review

JC’s Top 20 Movies Of 2019

As we approach the end of 2019, the ITOL team are compiling their end of year lists of their favourite films. Here’s James Cain’s list and his personal top 20 films of 2019!

Another year, another fresh bout of shame. I didn’t see “Hustlers”! I didn’t fit “Always Be My Maybe” onto my list of favourite movies! Anyway, here are my Top 20 Films of 2019. Continue reading JC’s Top 20 Movies Of 2019