Noirvember Retrospective: Laura

By Joan Amenn There are films that are noir and there is “Laura” (1944) which is in a class by itself. Nominated for five Oscars and winning for Best Black and White Cinematography, “Laura” is the kind of film that can be viewed many times over and never grows tired. Much like the portrait of the femme fatale herself, it has charm and elegance, and … Continue reading Noirvember Retrospective: Laura

Focus on Alice Brooks: In the heights

Cinematography is defined as the art of photography and visual storytelling in a motion picture or television show. It’s how we as viewers see the film, how the camera moves and tells the story. Jon M. Chu’s “In the Heights” (2021) is a visual spectacle, absolutely deserving of praise for its cinematography. The person we have to thank for this is Alice Brooks, one of the few female cinematographers working in Hollywood today. Cinematography remains one of the most male dominated positions in Hollywood; the number of female cinematographers for major motion pictures is only around four percent. In the history of the Academy Awards only one woman has been nominated in that category- Rachel Morrison for “Mudbound” in 2018. I believe this year, Alice Brooks has a chance at becoming the second female nominee. Continue reading Focus on Alice Brooks: In the heights

Review: The Sound of the Wind

At the age of just 26 years old Jared Douglas has already proven that he is well-versed in the language of film. I believe that “The Sound of the Wind” is a passion project for Douglas, and it is very clear that he has done a great deal of research into mental illness and is committed to portraying it in a realistic depiction. I honestly wish that all those involved in “The Sound of the Wind ” go on to pursue long, rewarding careers in filmmaking because they deserve to. Continue reading Review: The Sound of the Wind

The Menkes List: 5 Camera Techniques That Objectify Women In Film

Have you ever seen a film and found something just a bit distasteful about the way female actor came across but you couldn’t quite point to exactly why it didn’t sit right? And, maybe others have pointed out that the main female character have been treated very well because they ended up saving the day, so what are you complaining about?

There’s more to a film than the simply action that takes place and who is on screen. It’s a visual art form and we’re all trained in the visual language of cinema from the moment we start watching films. By ‘visual language’ we mean the way people are photographed in order to convey meaning beyond what they say or do. Someone shown in the frame as towering above another person is often the one with the power for example. Continue reading The Menkes List: 5 Camera Techniques That Objectify Women In Film

Spotlight: Cinematographer Rachel Morrison, A.S.C.

In 2017, Rachel Morrison became the first woman in history to be nominated for an Oscar in Best Cinematography. It goes without to say that this is a major milestone for female filmmakers, especially since this is an area of filmmaking that is heavily dominated by her male counterparts. It only took nearly nine decades for us to achieve this breakthrough . Continue reading Spotlight: Cinematographer Rachel Morrison, A.S.C.