Bentonville Film Festival Review: Youth v Gov

Year: 2020 Runtime:  110 minutes Director: Christi Cooper Writer: Christi Cooper, Steven Hoggard (story consultant), Lyman Smith (additional writing by) Climate change continues to become one of the most impactful and daunting issues facing us and the longer we continue to ignore, the harder things will get. We’re past the point of summers and winters being a little harsher, and we’re now seeing much more … Continue reading Bentonville Film Festival Review: Youth v Gov

Review: The Hottest August

“The Hottest August” is a complicated and insightful examination of a few communities in New York City. While it doesn’t follow the temperament of “Humans of New York”, it still asks its subjects about things like climate change and race inequality. The film gives off an impending feeling of hopelessness or dread when it comes to the future. There are people who are gravely mistaken by what is happening with our world’s climate and also some Americans that aren’t in the know when it comes to privilege and how they benefit from it. These answers make the viewer uncomfortable and possibly even guilty based on their alignments.  Continue reading Review: The Hottest August