SXSW 2022 Review: Bad Axe

Year: 2022 Runtime: 100 minutes Director: David Siev By Joan Amenn There are many stories of immigrant families coming to the US to build better lives for themselves. Until recently, their struggles didn’t include surviving a global pandemic. Director David Siev turned a camera on his family as they struggled to maintain their restaurant business during Covid-19 because he felt it was an important time … Continue reading SXSW 2022 Review: Bad Axe

12 Monkeys (1995): Trauma and The Prescience of Gilliam’s Vision

Terry Gilliam created a nightmarish vision of the future in 1985 with possibly his best-known film “Brazil.” That proved to be just a warm-up for the mind-bending, chilling dystopia of “12 Monkeys’ (1995) which has only become even more prophetic in the current worldwide pandemic of COVID-19. The husband and wife team of David and Janet Peoples wrote a screenplay that is surprisingly poignant in its subtext of compassion and kindness being vital to treating mental illness.

As much as protagonist James Cole struggles with the anguish of his post-traumatic stress, we now face our own troubling and harrowing present. It is a harsh reminder that while our reality is not as fatally bleak as Cole’s, it is a strain on the mental health of us all. Continue reading 12 Monkeys (1995): Trauma and The Prescience of Gilliam’s Vision