Retrospective Review: The Runaways

It’s been ten years since we saw “Twilight” (2008) cast-mates Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning graze the screen in the music biopic “The Runaways.” While the Floria Sigismondi written/directed film has its fair share of follies, by the end it’s worthy of a collective fist to the air, celebrating – at the very least- the spotlight on these talented women and the impact they had on the rock and roll world.

At a time when bands entirely made up of women weren’t a prevalent nor seemingly lucrative notion, The Runaways was formed, primarily because of the persistent ambition of Joan Jett (Stewart) and her collaboration with Kim Fowley (played with an on-spot eccentricity here by Michael Shannon). Soon they bring in Cherie Currie (Fanning) to be the lead singer, along with Sandy West (Stella Maeve), Lita Ford (Scout Taylor-Compton) and Robin (Alia Shawkat). Then we’ve got the pop-punk legendary group: The Runaways. Continue reading Retrospective Review: The Runaways

20th Century Women: When Depression –Era Stoicism meets 70s Punk Passion

The soundtrack to Mike Mill’s “20th Century Women” (2016) serves as the perfect trailer to the film. It’s mostly New-wave punk tracks from the likes of The Talking Heads and The Buzzcocks, but just when it reaches its noisiest, fuzziest peak it is interjected by the mellifluous notes of Loius Armstrong. This perfectly epitomizes the main dichotomy of the film, namely the enduring struggle of Dorothea (Annette Benning) – middle-aged mother to teenage Jamie (Lucas Jade Zumman) – to understand the world that is changing around her and to get on the same wave-length as her son. Continue reading 20th Century Women: When Depression –Era Stoicism meets 70s Punk Passion