Review: Rebecca

“Rebecca” could be ripe for a modern interpretation. For the uninitiated, the title takes its name from Rebecca de Winter, the late wife of aristocrat Maxim de Winter (Laurence Olivier in the Hitchcock version). Rebecca dies before the novel opens; yet she’s a strong presence throughout the book. She’s as much a character as Manderley, the manor where Maxim brings his new bride (Joan Fontaine in the Hitchcock film) after a whirlwind romance. The new Mrs. de Winter is gawky where Rebecca was glamorous and refined and feels herself paling by comparison, especially under the withering gaze and comments of the head housekeeper, Mrs. Danvers. Continue reading Review: Rebecca

Bad Girls: The Greatest Female Villains In Films (Part 1)

From Wicked Witches, to Ice Cold Bitches…This is the ITOL countdown of cinema’s greatest and meanest “Bad Girls” as voted by you! Join us for our countdown from Number 15 to Number 11 in our Part 1! Number 15: Rose Armitage from “Get Out” (2017) By Claire L. Smith Rose Armitage from Jordan’s Peele‘s directorial debut hit “Get Out” quickly captivated audiences due to Allison … Continue reading Bad Girls: The Greatest Female Villains In Films (Part 1)