Short Film Review: Intersect

“Intersect” is a tense, intriguing seven-minuted psychological thriller from 25-year-old, Chicago based filmmakers Cristina Siddu and Madeline Doherty. The set-up of “Intersect” may at first seem like your generic, horror ‘Girl Alone at Home’ narrative but Siddy and Doherty take you on an unexpected journey that captivates the viewer. The film’s twist ending will leave you much to puzzle about and speculate. What makes this such an intelligent short film is the fact that much of what takes place is left open to our interpretation, unlike other short horror films, “Intersect” doesn’t rely on gruesome, bloody violent imagery to shock the audience. Instead, the shot of a baby’s car seat in the middle of a road, becomes the scariest thing you’ll ever witness. Continue reading Short Film Review: Intersect