Time to Hunt


By James Cain The “Black Axe” series. “A Sun”. “Babyteeth”. Despite 2020 having a decent amount of time where you had nothing to do but stay inside and watch films, as with every year, there are still heaps of movies from the last 12 months that I’m yet to see. Thankfully, despite all of this, 2020 still featured a veritable smorgasbord of absolute bangers. So, … Continue reading JC’S TOP 20 MOVIES OF 2020

Review: Bill and Ted Face the Music

“Bill and Ted Face the Music” is a joyous revival that brings the franchise back to life and concludes it in heart-warming fashion. Using the two decades since the first pair of films to its advantage, “Face the Music” crafts a narrative that retains the infectious positivity and unique kitschiness of its predecessors while updating the material for a modern audience. Continue reading Review: Bill and Ted Face the Music