Review: The Party’s Just Beginning

2019 has been an extraordinary and very successful year for Karen Gillan, this summer saw her star in one of the year's biggest films "Avengers: End Game" and in a few short weeks she'll be starring in the sequel to "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle", and she is also releasing her directorial debut film, "The Party's Just Beginning" which Gillan also stars in. This is Karen Gillan as you've never seen her before, channeling her own inner "Fleabag" as the self-destructive Liusaidh who is struggling to cope with the loss of her best friend Alistair (Matthew Beard) who had been struggling with his own identity and sexuality. 

Review: Satanic Panic

By Tom Moore Although it boasts some creative practical effects and some fun performances, Chelsea Stardust’s feature directorial debut, “Satanic Panic” (2019), lacks the fun horror and comedy punches and comprehensive storytelling to be the great midnight movie it wants to be. The film follows Sam (Hayley Griffith), a plucky yet down on her luck... Continue Reading →

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