Emotional Journeys Through Horror: A Profile of K/XI

gotten to know over the years had projects there, and I was looking forward to not only their new work, but- for at least one- getting to meet them in person for the first time. By the time that 2 1/2 days ended, there were more filmmakers whose work connected with me, and I’d had one of the strongest communal experiences watching film in my life. No filmmaker made an impression on me that weekend, however, quite like K/XI (pronounced K Eleven), and her feature film, “Black Lake.” Continue reading Emotional Journeys Through Horror: A Profile of K/XI

Mental Health Awareness Month Review: “Somewhere”

Let me tell you why I love Sofia Coppola so much: she’s interesting. She is unbothered by box office returns; she is loyal to her vision. Here is a woman who has had a keen understanding of Hollywood since her earliest memories–she plays the baby in “The Godfather”, for crying out loud! She is a keen observer of life, of human nature, and–as a consequence, I suppose, of growing up around the glitz and glam of Hollywood–the repercussions of copious amounts of glitz and glam. 

In keeping with this month’s theme of Mental Health, I thought it’d be appropriate to write about a woman’s depiction of a man’s mental state in La La Land. “Somewhere”, which won the Golden Lion award at the Venice Film Festival, offers very little in terms of plot and intrigue. Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Month Review: “Somewhere”

Review: I Used to Be Normal: A Boy Band Fangirl Story

From sports to comic books, fandom has become a pivotal part of pop culture and for some people it’s an integral part of their daily lives. However, no fandom has transcended through generations more rapidly and with greater force than that of Boy Band fandom. Since The Beatles hit the music scene back in the 60s, fangirls have come from near and far to simply just be in presence of their favorite boy bands and have gone so far as to make them a part of their who they are as a person. Normally, most girls are told that this is a phase in their lives and that when they’re older they’ll look back and think that they were just immature – but is this really true.

Well, this is what Australian filmmaker Jessica Leski uncovers in her new documentary “I Used to Be Normal: A Boyband Fangirl Story,” and the result is a very engrossing film that expertly covers the positive and negative effects boy band fandom can have and the roles they’ve played in women’s lives for generations. Continue reading Review: I Used to Be Normal: A Boy Band Fangirl Story

Appreciating Sofia Coppola & The Lasting Effect of The Virgin Suicides

Despite having the name Coppola, which some would consider to be a shoo-in within the film business, Sofia Coppola has made an imprint all on her own. As a prolific female writer and filmmaker, she’s brought intellectually stimulating, beautiful stories to life. Continue reading Appreciating Sofia Coppola & The Lasting Effect of The Virgin Suicides

Review: Satanic Panic

By Tom Moore Although it boasts some creative practical effects and some fun performances, Chelsea Stardust’s feature directorial debut, “Satanic Panic” (2019), lacks the fun horror and comedy punches and comprehensive storytelling to be the great midnight movie it wants to be. The film follows Sam (Hayley Griffith), a plucky yet down on her luck pizza delivery girl as she’s flat broke. With the first … Continue reading Review: Satanic Panic