Action Woman: Happy Birthday To Kathryn Bigelow

Kathryn Bigelow is a woman of action. The director, who turns 68 on Nov. 27, is known for training her eye on vampires, cops, surfing bank robbers, and especially soldiers—but she’s not merely after an adrenaline rush. 

Rather, the first—and still only—woman to win an Academy Award for Best Director with 2008’s “The Hurt Locker” is drawn to the circumstances surrounding violence, as well as characters’ choices.

“I don’t like violence. I am very interested, however, in truth. And violence is a fact of our lives, a part of the social context in which we live,” she’s said. Continue reading Action Woman: Happy Birthday To Kathryn Bigelow

Short Film Review: Rehearsal

“Rehearsal” is an exceptional short film by director and writer Courtney Hope Thérond, and was recently screened at this year’s LFF. The film follows a young actress who is forced into an uncomfortable situation on a film set during a rehearsal. With the film industry still reeling after the news of Harvey Weinstein and the rise of the #MeToo Movement, Thérond’s film feels very relevant and will more than likely connect with many viewers especially females, who have unfortunately found themselves in similar situations, afraid and unable to speak up. Continue reading Short Film Review: Rehearsal

Spotlight: Lynne Ramsay

Film is comprised of two elements; image and sound. For generations, filmmakers from all walks of life have utilized these two elements to create tapestries for audiences to get immersed in. But only a select few directors in film history have utilized these elements in tandem. There was Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, and now there’s Lynne Ramsay. Continue reading Spotlight: Lynne Ramsay

Review: Carmilla

There are times where you attend film festivals and enter a screening totally unprepared for the film that you end up watching. Only to stumble onto an absolute masterpiece. This was the case for Emily Harris’ “Carmilla”, a film that took my breath away and left me awestruck by what I had seen on the big screen.

“Carmilla” has been criminally overlooked by many critics, which is a crying shame. It is a film that is so beautiful to look at that, you wonder whether you have become hypnotized by the small spell that the film’s main character succumbs to. Continue reading Review: Carmilla

Appreciating Sofia Coppola & The Lasting Effect of The Virgin Suicides

Despite having the name Coppola, which some would consider to be a shoo-in within the film business, Sofia Coppola has made an imprint all on her own. As a prolific female writer and filmmaker, she’s brought intellectually stimulating, beautiful stories to life. Continue reading Appreciating Sofia Coppola & The Lasting Effect of The Virgin Suicides