Review: Mulan

“Mulan,” Disney’s latest live-action update of an animated film, is a disappointment. Part of that is beyond the film’s control. Streaming exclusively on Disney+ because of the global COVID-19 pandemic (and costing an additional $30 fee), “Mulan” is a grand-scale adventure with sumptuous costumes and set design, sweeping vistas, and elaborately choreographed action and martial arts clearly meant to be seen on a big screen. Continue reading Review: Mulan

The top 5 (ish) female Muppets

The Muppets are beloved all over the world for their love, friendship, loyalty, mayhem, and can-do attitude. They’ve proven to be capable of adapting their offering to changing times and trends, adding new characters frequently. So as Muppets Now progresses I hope they introduce more female Muppets into the upper tier of recurring characters. Maybe we can fill this fifth slot. Continue reading The top 5 (ish) female Muppets

“Hamilton” is Eliza’s Musical Review: Hamilton

I have spent 5 years listening to the soundtrack, and unconsciously assumed the musical is named after, for and all directed to Alexander Hamilton (Lin Manuel Miranda); after all, the title of the first song is named ‘Alexander Hamilton.’ But I was stumped after I watched the filmed version for the first time to see the emotion Phillipa Soo put into her character of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton, and the final moment as she stares back into the audience, gasping. Continue reading “Hamilton” is Eliza’s Musical Review: Hamilton