Pre-Code April: Baby Face

With it’s strong message of female empowerment and the power of seduction and exploitation, it’s hard to imagine that a film like “Baby Face” was actually released in 1933. This was long before Cardi B exploded on to the scene with her 2020 post me-too feminist anthem “WAP” , the song includes lyrics that state the following: “I don’t cook, I don’t clean. But let me tell you how I got this ring” and “Pay my tuition just to kiss me”. One can only imagine Lily Powers grinning to herself hearing this.) It’s interesting to deconstruct and analyse “Baby Face” in this day and age, when feminine sexuality is so mainstream. You only have to look at the rise in popularity of cam girls and OnlyFans to see how women have gone from being slaves to becoming masters. Continue reading Pre-Code April: Baby Face