Why Princess Fiona from “Shrek” Is An All Star

It seems incredible that Dreamworks “Shrek” is now twenty years old. This cult classic burst onto our screens on the 18th May 2001, with it’s talented cast of actors (Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and the awesome John Lithgow), “Shrek” transformed the CGI animated landscape forever. While, many articles and think pieces are analysing the film and its characters as a whole, I have decided to focus on the film’s true hero: Princess Fiona. Continue reading Why Princess Fiona from “Shrek” Is An All Star

Review: Abominable

By Tom Moore DreamWorks’ new film “Abominable” has the animation and voice acting chops to be another hit for the studio but lacks the story details and development to be anything more than just okay. The film follows Yi (voiced by Chloe Bennet), a young girl who is determined to gather enough money in order to go on a trip that she was supposed to … Continue reading Review: Abominable