Sundance Review: “My Name Is Pauli Murray”

Year: 2021Runtime: 91 minutesDirectors: Julie Cohen and Betsy West By Morgan Roberts Who was Pauli Murray? Murray was a lawyer, an educator, a Civil Right’s activist, an author, an Episcopalian priest, a labor rights activist, and a pioneer for women’s rights. Without the work of Pauli Murray, many achievements in women’s rights and LGBTQ rights movements would have never been realized. From directors Julie Cohen … Continue reading Sundance Review: “My Name Is Pauli Murray”

Review: Dear Guest

Year: 2020 Runtime: 11 minutes Director: Megan Freels Johnston Writer: Megan Freels Johnston Actors: Ashley Bell, Noureen DeWulf By Joan Amenn The season of long, dark shadows can’t end now, when we have one last little gem of a scare to enjoy in “Dear Guest” (2020). Director Megan Freels Johnston concocted this quick potion of a disturbing “what if” scenario and although short, it packs … Continue reading Review: Dear Guest

Fantasia Festival Review: Morgana

I was not familiar with Muses before starting this film. Heck, I know nothing about the adult film industry. While the film is about her work and specific artistry, much of it is about her past. Muses grew up in a religious household, one which adhered to gender roles and expectations. Muses attempted to fit in the mold, but she was never really happy. Married with children, food her only companion, she had nowhere to turn. When her marriage fell apart, Muses’ mental health began to spiral. Continue reading Fantasia Festival Review: Morgana

Editorial: There Are More Female Directors Than Gerwig and Coppola (And We Need to Learn Their Names)

There was a recent post on Twitter asking for the film community to name a female filmmaker but not name famous directors Sofia Coppola or Greta Gerwig. Sure, people were able to name other directors. However, I was struck by the fact that there are truly so many women working behind the camera, but only a few are widely known by audiences. Continue reading Editorial: There Are More Female Directors Than Gerwig and Coppola (And We Need to Learn Their Names)

Don’t Shut the Door.

(Photograph owned by Rachel Feldman. Photograph of Feldman and cinematographer Nancy Schreiber shot by Erin Brown.) By Special Guest Writer Rachel Feldman I have grey hair, no longer menstruate, and am a Hollywood director. For 35 years I endured employment discrimination and exclusion in my industry. Luckier than most, I managed to carve out a decent career, with some great jobs albeit in fits and … Continue reading Don’t Shut the Door.

25 Films Directed By Women That You Can Watch For Free

We now live in a time where it seems like every major studio has its own streaming service. This can be great for those who like to pick and choose specifically what they want to watch, but if you want to have it all, it can cost you a pretty penny. Over the past couple of years I’ve become
a strong proponent of ad-based streaming services. The one I champion the most is a service called Tubi TV. They started out as a company based out of San Francisco and were recently purchased by the Fox Corporation, (I hope that didn’t scare you away). Continue reading 25 Films Directed By Women That You Can Watch For Free

Review: Miss Juneteenth

Written and directed by Channing Godfrey Peoples, “Miss Juneteenth” is her first feature length film–she has a few others under her belt including shorts, a documentary short, and a couple writing-only credits on a TV series. Peoples has proven to be making a bigger name for herself with this feature debut; “Miss Juneteenth” won the SXSW Film Festival Winner Best Texan Film award and was a Nominee for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. “Miss Juneteenth” feels personal and intimate in its storytelling–a mom and daughter navigating boundaries in their relationship during what seems to be a learning and transitional phase in their separate and shared lives. Continue reading Review: Miss Juneteenth